Thank you, thank you, thank you for supporting CFUV’s Funding Drive, Intrepid Theatre! Check  them out for great contemporary theatre like the upcoming Ronnie Burkett Theatre of Marionettes: The Daisy Theatre.

Why have circuses stayed so popular even as so many other forms of entertainment have evolved far from their roots? Simply put, there’s no substitute for the astonishment and wonder you feel when watching the artistry and flexibility of those who work many hours to hone their craft. When Krin Haglund was sliding down those […]

The prototypical Asian immigrant story usually revolves around a hard working person who drops everything for a better life in an unfamiliar place — someone earnest, eager, filled with hope. Many end up in the service industry, some open grocery stores or restaurants. But what about entering theatre? There are probably a few Asian immigrants […]

Fylm is a story about relationships, and Venn diagrams, and skiing, and incompetent canine nuclear physicists. So it’s really about nothing at all. It’s a series of pointless vignettes with abrupt ends told into a consumer grade camcorder. With paper puppets. And a guitarist. And a drum machine. Naturally, it’s excellent. Looking for all the […]

6 Guitars – Trailer from Chase Padgett on Vimeo. At some point in 6 Guitars, Chase Padgett reminds the audience that blues and hip-hop cover the same four themes (which I won’t spoil). About two-thirds of the way in, I realized that his one-man show owed a similar debt to convention. His six guitarists, which […]


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