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Sterlin Harjo’s Mekko is an indelible and powerful story of what happens when the missing return. Told without sentiment or pulled punches, it is Rod Rondeaux’s command performance as the title character that is a triumph to behold. With some parts sweet and playful, and others rough and desperate, Rondeaux’s layers of characterization makes Mekko […]

I was unable to attend the first viewing of this new film from French director Guillaume Nicloux, but finally last night got a chance to catch it. It stars Gérard Depardieu and Isabelle Huppert in the role of a older divorced couple coming to Death Valley at the request of their recently deceased son. Their […]

Adam Garnet Jones’ Fire Song is a bold, uncompromising and necessary film that breaks new ground in Canadian cinema, and, more importantly, within Indigenous storytelling. Homophobia is no stranger to Indian country and stories of coming out are rarely given the stage they deserve in the arbours, campfires and living rooms of our nations. Boasting a […]

Le Dep is a story of an indigenous woman put into an impossible position by her family, who must rise through unrealistic expectations in order to survive danger very close to home. Such familiar themes could be subject to trite or possibly naïve storytelling, but the performances of the two lead actors, Eve Ringuette and […]

My grandmother used to say, you don’t have to be crazy but it helps. Brian D Johnson’s inspiring documentary is awash with the sort of crazy that makes for sublime art. The restoration of the Purdy A Frame house, with gym floor ceilings, box car walls and flood jammed crawl space, is a metaphor for […]

Nava’s documentary addresses the familiar alchemy of neo-colonial power: displacement for economy, cultural genocide as recognition, disaster as progress. These themes are all at play, currently, in the Peace River with Site C. However, for a film that strives to exquisitely demonstrate the precious connectivity of indigenous peoples, sacred space and tradition, it is remarkable […]

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