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About Us

A bit about CFUV…

The precursor to CFUV (CKVC) was formed in 1965 and broadcast to two student residences and the Student Union Building. After leaving the air in 1970, the campus radio was resurrected in 1981 when the UVic Campus Radio Club was formed. On December 17, 1984, CFUV became Victoria’s second FM station, broadcasting at a mere 49.4 watts on 105.1 FM.

In 1987 CFUV began working toward increasing its transmission power to over 2000 watts. After a successful student referendum and a long bureaucratic application process with the Canadian Radio-Television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC), approval was granted in September 1988; and in January 1989, CFUV began broadcasting on 101.9 FM at 2290 watts. Concurrently, CFUV arranged to be carried on cable systems all over Vancouver Island (in most areas cable 104.3 FM).

In May 1996 CFUV moved into a new studio in the lower level of the Student Union Building.


The group responsible for holding the license, overseeing and setting the objectives of the station is the UVic Student Radio Society Board of Directors. The board consists of representatives from the university administration, the local community, the University of Victoria Student’s Society (UVSS), and the UVic Radio Club. Like any other radio station in Canada, we are licensed by the CRTC. For our operating budget, CFUV is largely funded through a UVic undergraduate student fee levy and some on-air advertising. We also fundraise once a year for equipment replacement and repairs during our Fundrive.


CFUV is a campus/community radio station serving Greater Victoria and, via cable, Vancouver Island and many areas in the lower mainland. In short, our purpose is to provide an alternative to commercial radio. Our programming focuses on quality and diversity rather than mass appeal. Our objectives include the following:

  • To offer the general public an intelligent, innovative, and entertaining alternative to mainstream radio programming.
  • To communicate the concerns, interests and activities of the campus and the academic environment to the general public.
  • To give groups from the campus and community an opportunity to communicate with their members and with the general public.
  • To give students an opportunity to develop and use their creative talents on radio.

How to Volunteer | Broadcast Manual


CFUV's quarterly music magazine.

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