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CFUV operates with four permanent full time staff, but we’re always on the look-out for supporting funding (primarily through grants) to provide innovative and interesting employment opportunities! Some positions may have eligibility requirements, either as a requirement of the funding or due to the specific purpose of the position!

We offer a fun, passionate, and forward thinking workplace that is shaped hugely by the drive and enthusiasm of our volunteers and staff alike!

Please note any eligibility requirements when reviewing positions and please feel free to use our (optional) self-identification form. Have any questions about working at CFUV or any of these positions? Check the FAQ tabs below or just email our Station Manager, Glen at!

Frequently Asked Questions

We try our best to make the job titles as accurate a reflection of the work assigned and understandable with a glance. Most of our positions are therefor broken down into 4 categories:

Station Manager – Overseeing a wide-range of tasks, more admin focused, and directly reports to our Board.

Directors – These are full-time positions that oversee more operational portfolios, support various simultaneous projects conducted by Coordinators, and provide support to Producers. They report to the Station Manager.

Coordinators – These positions are brought on-board to specifically complete individual projects. They are not exclusively about radio programming or podcast content, but support some of the broader work CFUV does.

Producers – These (often part-time) positions are brought on board and are specifically designed around creating content for our broadcast and are often based around thematic concepts that we find important to cover. These are exclusively content creation positions perfect for the burgeoning journalist or podcaster!

We can accommodate working-from-home and remote-work situations! Currently, only a handful of our staff are working out of our studios and offices at Uvic, and all of our volunteers are working remotely. We’d be happy to adapt to your unique circumstances and we can provide you with microphones, headphones, and training with necessary software remotely as preferred.

There’s a couple of possible reasons, beyond our Station Manager, Operations Director, Programming Director, and Music Director, almost every job offered at CFUV is thanks to some generous financial support from grants. Many of these grants come with specific criteria for hiring and we’re obligated to meet those.

The other possible reason is that the scope of the project is centered on a specific community and we would prefer to see a member of those communities leading that project.

We encourage you to use our form or to self-identify in your cover-letter but we won’t force you to do so. Identities are complex and so are our relationships with them.
The form is located HERE.

Feel free to include volunteer or other unpaid experiences in your application! If you’re applying to a part-time role, don’t just think of it as a part-time job, but also a chance for you to engage in an intensive learning opportunity.

Any content or materials (visual, written, etc) are deemed CFUV’s intellectual property. That said, you’re more than welcome to add your creations to your personal portfolio. Just remember to credit CFUV when you include them in your Pulitzer Submission!


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