Glen is responsible for overseeing the station’s day-to-day options, he is responsible for developing and monitoring the station’s finances, resources, staff, and volunteers. His primary goal is to ensure that CFUV continues to offer high-quality opportunities and resources in a welcoming and inclusive environment. Glen also acts as CFUV’s point of contact with the various organizations who regulate and monitor the station and it’s activities.

When he’s not busy with work, Glen also records a podcast and radio program called Pop Filter, which is the natural end result of years of involvement in arts & culture and working and volunteering in independent radio across Canada. 

You might contact Glen if:

  1. You’re interested in joining a committee or task-group.
  2. You have feedback about the station, staff, volunteers, and equipment.
  3. You’re interested in the behind the scenes admin work of a radio station.
  4. You’re curious about how CFUV fits into the national Campus/Community Radio sector.
  1. Spreadsheets
  2. Dying his hair
  3. His cat (her name is Clover, would you like to see a cute picture of her!?)

10AM – 5PM Mondays-Friday
Phone: 250 721 8607

Nicola is the first point of contact for new volunteers here at CFUV.  Nicola facilitates info sessions, trainings, and volunteer shifts, as well as coordinating CFUV outreach events & community partnerships.

You might get in touch with Nicola if:

  1. You’re a new volunteer and you’re wondering how to get involved
  2. You are a CFUV volunteer looking to broaden your skillset and you have questions about what opportunities are open to you and the training process involved in volunteering in a new capacity
  3. You’re having trouble with Better Impact or booking studio time
  4. You are a like-minded community or student organization that would like partner with CFUV
  1. Ocean dips
  2. Figs
  3. Community building

10AM – 5PM Mondays-Friday
Phone: 250 721 8702

If you want to get into broadcasting, including training to be an on air host, or have your own radio program, he’s got the answers (here’s an answer to a question that you probably have – you don’t need to be a UVIC student to be a host).

You might contact Arcade if:

  1. You want to be an on-air host and have your own program
  2. You want to help other on-air programmers with fill ins for existing programs
  3. You want to learn the basics of the sound board and other radio equipment
  4. You want to learn how to produce a radio program, with our demo lab
  5. You want to get a tour of the on-air booth and complete emergency training
  1. Synthwave
  2. Japanese Giant Robots and Monsters
  3. Space

10AM – 5PM Mondays-Friday
Phone: 250 721 8701

Troy is responsible for our intake of music into CFUV’s music library, compiling our charts, booking artists for performances & interviews, the live performance department, Video department, and our summer series Eventide. The primary goal is to make sure all of our programmers have new music for their programs and works with them to help curate releases from labels and artists.

You might contact Troy if:

  1. You know of albums our station has not received yet.
  2. You know bands that want to come in for a performance.
  3. You are interested in doing an interview with a band (phone or in-person).
  4. You want to volunteer in the Music Department, Video Department, Live Performance Dept.
  1. Films
  2. Book Club
  3. D&D

10AM – 5PM Mondays-Friday
Phone: 250 721 8704

Cassidy is Dehcho Dene and Metis, and is responsible for the Indigenous Programs at CFUV. He helps coordinates media learning opportunities, develops regular Indigenous news and current affairs, develops free and accessible learning materials and resources, and coordinates CFUV’s Indigenous Radio Documentary Series.

You might contact Cassidy if:

  1. You’d like to participate in creating media by and for indigenous communities and individuals!
  2. You have feedback about the station, staff, volunteers, and equipment.
  3. You’re interesting in learning more about CFUV!
  1. Podcasts
  2. Road Bikes
  3. City Planning Videogames

10AM – 5PM Mondays-Thursday

Teagan is responsible for supporting local non-profits and community causes with Public Service Announcements and producing pre-recorded broadcast announcements, as well as recruiting local businesses as advertising clients or CFUV sponsors. She also trains and supports audio production volunteers, and is responsible for the editing and distribution of Canadaland.

You might contact Teagan if:

  1. You are a local business or nonprofit interested in promoting yourself on CFUV
  2. You’re interested in your business becoming a Friend of CFUV
  3. You’d like to become a CFUV Audio Production volunteer!
  1. Folklore and Mythology podcasts
  2. Baking Bread
  3. Biking places very slowly

10AM – 2PM Monday-Wednesday

Asia is responsible for overseeing, promoting, and organizing the 2021 Eventide Music Series; primarily coordinating artists, curators, venues, livestreams, and recordings of performances. She will be working closely with CFUV’s music director and liaising with the City of Victoria. 

You might contact Asia if:

  1. You are a volunteer looking to lend a hand to Eventide.
  2. You are an artist or musician who would like to perform or get involved with Eventide. 
  3. Are a local organization wanting to get involved with Eventide. 

1. Swimming in the rain 
2. Casual moshing 
3. Dance Dance Revolution Extreme


Lindani Khoza is CFUV’s BIPOC Community Coordinator.  He started volunteering at CFUV in 2020, and is the host of “Sounds off our Streets”, where he plays tunes straight out of Sub-Saharan Africa.When Lindani is not busy with his devoirs you’ll find him making or listening to good music.

He’s been making music since before he knew the mitochondria was the powerhouse of the cell, and has produced music for artists and agencies in South Africa and the Kingdom of Eswatini. His favorite sound is the sound of good laughter! Some say, he keeps a diary with over 100 Dad Jokes written by hand. Whether this is true or not remains a mystery…

You might contact Lindani if:

  1. You’re engaging in Anti-racist work that you would like CFUV to collaborate on or promote!
  2. You’re a BIPOC individual who’s interested in joining CFUV!
  3. Are passionate about the democratization of media access and eliminating colonial barriers to participation!
  1. Devoirs
  2. Laughter
  3. Dad Jokes


Bayleigh Marelj is the producer for Taking Up Space on CFUV! They are in charge of season 4, which will be out later this summer. 

You might contact Bayleigh if:

  1. You want to talk about intersectional feminism!
  2. You want to talk about Kate Bush!
  1. Olive oil
  2.  Pressing flowers
  3.  Tiny books


ÍY SȻÁĆEL HÁLE NICK TŦE NE SNÁ Ć,SE LÁ,E SEN EṮ W̱SÁNEĆ Ć,SE LÁ,E SEN EṮ TŦE BOḰEĆEN Á LELEṈs. Good day everyone, my name is Nick. I am from the Saanich nation, I am from the Pauquachin village. I am the Indigenous Podcast Producer this summer! I’m so excited to create some new podcast episodes for my program W̱ILṈEW̱ Radio 😁

You might contact Nick if:

  1. You want to be involved in Season 3 of W̱ILṈEW̱ Radio!


Mel the Producer for the Full Circle podcast. She also hosts a weekly radio show “In the Realm of The Velvet Unicorn” on Sunday evenings at 9pm. When she’s not producing audio you can find her practicing her first aid skills, making art to protect the old growth forest, or going for a dip in the ocean.


You might contact Mel if:

  1. You want to participate in the next season of Full Circle!
  1. BIPOC and Femme Hip Hop
  2. Socially conscious media
  3. Making art


Fune has just joined our CFUV team this summer and is excited to be getting involved with such an incredible community of storytellers and sound makers. 
She’s responsible for organizing with graduate students and volunteers, and overseeing the production of Beyond the Jargon, a podcast series that aims to explore academic topics in a less jargony/more accessible way. 

Right now she’s a big fan of zooting on her rollerblades, punk rock (made by femmes), and those stellar glass, dairy free yogurt cups that you can only buy from certain grocery stores and only eat when you’re feeling fancy.

You might contact Jesse if:

You would like to chat about BYTJ production, or be featured in one of the upcoming episodes.

  1. Rollerblading
  2. Femme Punk Rock
  3. Those fancy glass, dairy free yogurt cups



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