!earshot 20

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Tuesday 2:00 pm 4:00 pm

Host: Erin Bond

Description: !earshot 20 is a syndicated weekly countdown of the !earshot’s top 20 charts. !earshot magazine is published by the National Campus and Community Radio Association.

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5 responses to “!earshot 20”

  1. Rob Egan says:

    Title of the Purity Ring song played at #11 on May 25, 2020 please?

    • Troy Lemberg (Music Director) says:

      Hi Rob ! Great to see you listening, It seems hard to deduce from these syndicated shows but i believe i found it! The Purity Ring song was called stardew. If you ever notice another need for a song title on one of these syndicated shows you can also email me at music at cfuv.ca

  2. Matt says:

    What was the song in the number 11 spot today?(april 14) Thanks

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