Fables for Your Microscope

Syndicated from CO-OP Radio Vancouver, Fables For Your Microscope has been keeping the airwaves weird since 2016

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Monday 10:00 pm 11:00 pm

Host: Adam

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Description: Keeping the airwaves weird since 2016. Formerly produced here at CFUV, Fables for Your Microscope is now syndicated from CO-OP Radio, 100.5 FM in downtown Vancouver.

"Once, as a child, in a state of elation as I ran along a street with my companions, I jumped in front of an old man and shouted in his face.  As my eyes met the old man's eyes, I saw he was in the midst of crying.  Only years later did I come to realize that I was shouting in my own face, and that the old man was me."

Explore what lurks beneath the lens, with your host Adam.

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  1. Nicole Slaw says:

    How can I tune in when I am out of the country? I am very interested in listening in ever since my friend told me about your radio station! He told me you aired a song about pinworms and I have some concerns, how do I know if I have pinworms? I would love to hear more songs like these! Thank you and salutations from America!

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