She’s With The Band

Celebrating the contributions by women in music

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Host: Alana Jones & Bill Leach

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Description: Eclectic rock and pop show with a focus on contributions by women in music.

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3 responses to “She’s With The Band”

  1. Georgina says:

    Hi alana…just saw this. Do you have a cd of her music or is it just the youtube ? I think her voice is amazing.

  2. georgina kirkman kirkman says:

    I’d like to know more about the woman who sang “bridge over troubled water”

    • Alana says:

      Hi Georgina, I think its a great version of Bridge Over Troubled Water! The musician’s name is Jennifer Owens. I discovered her on Youtube. There isn’t a lot of information available on her. She is from the UK. She has a Facebook page and Youtube channel. I’ll play a couple more tracks by her. Thanks for listening!

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