Transmissions from Side 7

Arcade is a battleship captain from a distant time and place who broadcasts tunes from the side of a giant robot once used for war. These transmissions have reached CFUV on present-day earth.

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Tuesday 7:00 am 9:00 am

Host: Arcade

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Transmissions from Side 7 is a semi-fictional radio show about two pilots and a ship captain who spin tunes, and fight their enemies in a time and space in the future (meet the cast here). The show is an atmospheric music program that focuses on electronic, ambient, orchestral, and alternative music. Side 7 hopes to bring unknown artists to light, Arcade is eager to showcase music by queer and POC artists as well as unique, experimental musical techniques and styles. A particular focus will be on music with a “retro-futuristic” or "synthwave" feel; music that is easily at home in a Ridley Scott film, with harsh green lighting, black computer monitors, or sweeping battles in outer space.

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  1. Maria Melba Toast says:

    Always a good listen. You give 100%!!!!

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