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Thanks to all our donors we’ve made our goal of $25,000 for Fundrive 2012!

All funds raised, outside of the Women’s Radiothon on Friday March 16th, are used for equipment repairs, replacements and upgrades. All funds raised during the Women’s Radiothon goes towards the CFUV Women’s Collective at the station, to encourage and recruit more women programmers and volunteers.


To donate to the station at any time you can either send us your information HERE and we will mail out a pledge pack to you, or you can pay directly using Paypal:



If you’re donating via Paypal remember to put which program you would like to be credited with your donation in the Notes section.

Any donations of $25 or more are eligble either for one trip into our ‘Gift Room’ (each trip allows you to take one CD, LP, etc as a gift from the room) or a tax receipt.


If you have any questions regarding your tax receipt or gift please phone the Station Manager at (250) 721-8607.


CFUV broadcasts to Vancouver Island with independent, provocative, diverse programming produced Operating 365 days a year means constant wear on expensive broadcasting equipment. Fundrive is CFUV’s only source of funds for equipment replacement and upgrades, an essential part of keeping CFUV on the air and running smoothly. We are a nonprofit, campus and community radio station and have been on air since 1984.





CFUV's quarterly music magazine.

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