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The majority of CFUV’s funding comes from a UVic student levy.

We also host an annual FUNDING DRIVE to raise money for the station!

CFUV’s Funding Drive happens in March of each year.
It is a week long fundraising campaign, and a huge team effort!

Funding Drive 4

In 2017, we completely surpassed our $35,000 goal and raised over $41,000!

funding drive photo 2

There’s also an on-air component. For the entire 8 days, CFUV hosts special programming.
In 2017, we hosted a record number of live performances (24!) with local and touring bands.

performances 1

Our hosts make their Funding Drive programs their best of the year!

funding drive 3

And our volunteers stand by to take donations on our pledge line.

Funding Drive photo 1

We LOVE supporting our local arts and culture communities in Victoria.
During Funding Drive, we ask for your support. 

To donate to CFUV, visit this page.


CFUV's quarterly music magazine.

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