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Into The Forest is the new feature written and directed by Patricia Rozema based on the novel of the same name. This adaptation stars Ellen Page and Evan Rachel Wood who carry this film with moving performances as two sisters. This is a not so distant future, where an unknown cause removes power from all […]

Angirattut (Coming Home) is a powerful story that demonstrates the wholeness of an indigenous community’s return to the land. Yes, there are ceremonies, moments of mourning and longing that only the old ones know. But there is joy and peace as well. The equilibrium of spirit and body were most present in the image of a […]

Ninth Floor is a documentary dealing with a little known incident of Canadian history. In 1969 Montreal a group of students held the ninth floor of a building. This started with six Caribbean students filing a complaint against a professor for systematically giving them lower grades than their white peers. The process the University took […]

Victoria Film Fest is once again beginning in our small city and once again it brings a wide range of films. This is my 2nd year covering the Film Festival for CFUV and I am excited for quite a few films but left some leeway to be surprised by random last minute choices. I will […]

Ki suk kyukyit! Good day The return home, the aftermath of suicide, a corner store hold up, getting out of jail, and living with the threat of a hydro electric development. No, this is not how I spent my summer vacation. These are snapshots of the indigenous program at the Victoria Film Festival starting today […]

The Victoria Film Festival runs from March 5th to 14th and CFUV will be along for the ride. Follow along on our blog as our festival correspondents Troy Sebastian and Troy Lemberg try and see as many films as they can. It’s Troy & Troy at the Movies! Check out our coverage so far! Troy […]


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