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Check out our Basement Closet Sessions Bandcamp to hear local experimental act Formidable Liquorice!

Check out our  Basement Closet Sessions for all of our live performances! Vancouver alternative rock artist Salmon Friends performed LIVE on CFUV, check it out on our bandcamp.

Check out our Basement Closet Sessions to check out Victoria soul and funk band Phantom Thieves live performance on CFUV!

Check out our bandcamp  to hear That Dog Was A Band Now’s live performance on CFUV!

Check out our Basement Closet Sessions to catch General Gruff’s LIVE performance here at CFUV! Head to our bandcamp to check out all of our live performances  

Check out our Bandcamp to hear The O.B’s LIVE performance on CFUV! The O.B.brought their cool hip-hop to the station, thanks for coming!

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Basement Closet Sessions