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Greg Fox’s “Contact” for RVNG INTL is a rhythmic flurry, harkening back to the epic outros of Rock n Roll classics, the complex and quirky patterns of Matmos, the insanely fast tempos of Black Metal, and the overdubbed chaotic-grooves of Miles Davis’s “Live-Evil”. “Contact” sees Fox using any and all percussive instruments, from crashing trash […]

For several years now, Beliefs member Jesse Crowe has performed solo as Praises. It is an outlet for their more personal statements in music. Lucky for all of us. ‘EP THREE’ finds Crowe bold and confident, as they create dark, atmospheric spaces into which we are invited. Our acceptance is hesitant because these spaces are […]

All things Cold War may now be cool, but the lads at OKGB definitely have their tongue in cheek in using Soviet-era propaganda as the motif for their latest album. There’s nothing here at all that references communism or the USSR. Instead we have a delightful collection of quirky garage pop tunes, delivered in artsy, […]

If you plan on seeing this film, you’d be wise to brush up on your Spanish civil war history. Set in 20th century Spain during the beginnings of the Spanish civil war and the long reign of dictator Francisco Franco, “While at War” (Mientras dure la Guerra) gives us a glimpse into Spanish political history […]

CFUV Film Fest Correspondent Dominique sat down with Sovereign Soil director David Curtis for an indepth talk! Check out the full interview below!

Prior to the festival starting, Amy sat down in our studio to interview Julia Ivanovav over the phone. Julia is the director of My Dads, My Moms, and Me. This is a follow up to her documentary of the children of gay fathers called Fatherhood Dreams. You can listen to the interview here:

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