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CFUV is so grateful to Float House for their generous donation towards the station for our upcoming Funding Drive! Head to their location on Herald Street and float all of your problems away in one of their 5 water tanks…

Thank you thank you thank you to Oak Bay Bikes for their generous donation (for the THIRD year in a row!) to CFUV as part of our annual Funding Drive!! Head to their shop on Oak Bay Ave to pick…

As you may know, our annual Funding Drive is just around the corner! For this period of fundraising you can be sure to hear captivating radio, live performances, and passionate volunteers over CFUV’s airwaves. During Funding Drive, donations are taken…

Westcore Training Centre has been a fantastic location in Victoria to get fit, and helping you get an awesome healthy lifestyle! Thanks so much for everything, as well as showing CFUV support by supporting our Funding Drive!

Habitat Acquisition Trust is a hugely important organization to the island, that protects, maintains and restores natural areas! Thanks for everything you do for the island, and for being such an awesome supporter for our Funding Drive!

Keeping fields fresh is always hugely important to the agriculture of B.C., and Okanagan Fertilizer never disappoints! Thank you so much for keeping B.C. fresh, and supporting our Funding Drive!

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