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Thank you to all of our amazing CFUV Speaks Sponsors!!

CFUV is so grateful to Cold Comfort, Oak Bay Bikes, Victoria Arts Council, Cordova Bay Records, and Capitol 6 Theatres for supporting the production of CFUV Podcasts – our spoken word programming!

Cold Comfort

You scream, I scream, we all scream for Cold Comfort! Roll on over to their retro shop on North Park Street to get your hands on some of their beloved local, curiously flavored, handmade ice cream. Check them out online HERE!


Oak Bay Bicylces

Oak Bay Bicycles carries the latest and greatest in every category of cycling including: road, mountain, cyclocross, hybrid, urban fixies, electric, bmx, dirt jump, and kids. Head to their awesome little shop on Oak Bay Ave to tune your bike up, grab some new parts, and to visit the awesome staff! They also have delicious homemade brownies! Visit them online HERE!

Oak Bay Bicycles


Victoria Arts Council

Victoria Arts Council is dedicated to raising awareness of and developing a positive, supportive environment for the arts through education, civic advocacy, projects and programs that reach artists and the community at large. We strive to elevate the profile of local artists and performers, while igniting a passion for arts and culture throughout Greater Victoria. Visit them online right HERE!


Cordova Bay Records

Cordova Bay Entertainment Group, Inc was founded in 1998 as an independent label. Our philosophy is to form partnerships with each of our artists to effectively promote their music to the world. During its life, Cordova Bay has released records that span the genres of Rock, Pop, Blues, Folk and Jazz the common ground always being a dedication to great music, good relations and new ideas. With all the advantages of current technology we believe there has never been a more exciting time for the music industry. Check out more information on them right HERE! 


Capitol 6 Theatres

Enjoy great movies, fresh popcorn and over 100 drink choices while sitting in plush recliners. Check them out online right HERE!



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