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Listen to W̱ILṈEW̱ Radio!

W̱ILṈEW̱ Radio is CFUV’s newest podcast! It features W̱SÁNEĆ voices, songs, stories and art, and is hosted by Nick Henry:

ÍY SȻÁĆL HÁLE, Nick TŦE NE SNÁ ĆSE LÁ,E SEN EṮ W̱SÁNEĆ, ĆSE LÁ,E SEN EṮ TŦE BOḰEĆEN ÁLELEṈs. Good day everyone, My name is Nick I am from Saanich and I am from the Pauquachin Nation. I am hosting W̱ILṈEW̱ Radio on CFUV 101.9FM. On W̱ILṈEW̱ Radio I will be sharing W̱SÁNEĆ voices, songs, stories and art. I am excited for everyone to hear all the guests I have planned over the summer. I will have guests on to speak about SENĆOŦEN language revitalization, Indigenous art, W̱SÁNEĆ stories, Local music groups and much more.

Episode 7 of W̱ILṈEW̱ Radio is the Series Finale!

In this seventh and final episode of W̱ILṈEW̱ Radio I sit and chat with Troy Sebastian, interview Beangka, Tiffany and Sarah about work they do with SeaChange and I interview Beangka and Tiffany asking them about Project Reclaim. I also do shout outs and thank yous! 🙂

This has been an amazing experience here at CFUV, I’m honoured to have been the Indigenous voice over the summer, I hope you all enjoyed the content, comment and let me know how you liked it! That is all from me Nick Henry!

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