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Thanks to all of our Funding Drive Partners!


thanks to our sponsors! (1)

Funding Drive Partners are local businesses who supported us in our goal of raising $35,000!

We want to send out a HUGE thank you to our 2017 Funding Drive Partners:

Volunteer Victoria

 Volunteer Victoria has been providing leadership to the non profit community for over 40 years!
As a non-profit organization, we’ve benefited highly from the courses and resources that they offer volunteer and non-profit groups.

Big thank you for stepping up working with us to further develop our organization!

Image result for volunteer victoria


Flavour always has the coolest vintage clothes in town, and we can’t thank them enough for being a Funding Drive partner this year!


Hey Happy Coffee

Thanks so much to our fab Funding Drive sponsor Hey Happy Coffee! Stop by their shop for amazing local coffee.We appreciate their support and tasty brews!


Campus Hair Design

Campus Hair Design has been our longtime neighbours in the SUB, and always gives the best cuts around!

Thank you so much for everything, including supporting our Funding Drive!


Westcore Training Centre

Westcore Training Centre has been a fantastic location in Victoria to get fit, and helping you get an awesome healthy lifestyle!

Thanks so much for everything, as well as showing CFUV support by supporting our Funding Drive!


Jackson’s Ice Cream

Jackson’s Ice cream never disappoints with delicious frozen treats down at Fisherman’s Wharf.

Thank you for being an awesome business, and helping to support Funding Drive!


Habitat Acquisition Trust

HAT is a hugely important organization to the island, that protects, maintains and restores natural areas!

Thanks for everything you do for the island, and for being such an awesome supporter for our Funding Drive!


Okanagan Fertilizer

Keeping fields fresh is always hugely important to the agriculture of B.C., and Okanagan Fertilizer never disappoints!

Thank you so much for keeping B.C. fresh, and supporting our Funding Drive!


Chronograph Records

Chronograph records has been keeping Victoria supplied with amazing tunes for awhile, and is a music collector’s dream come true.

Thank you for keeping Victoria overflowing with great music, and supporting Cfuv and our Funding Drive!

chronograph records

Bliss Spa

Bliss Spa is the ultimate getaway for the day for pure relaxation and  comfort.

Thanks for being a great escape, and supporting Funding Drive!


UVic Farquhar Auditorium

An important host for any special event, UVic Farquhar Auditorium hosts culture, creativity and community.

Thanks for being an awesome Funding Drive partner!


Cafe Casablanca

Hosting Salsa Saturdays, and being Victoria’s only Latin dance restaurant, Cafe Casablanca is an important hub for dancing, music and more

Thank you xso much for helping us raise money for our Funding Drive!


Cold Comfort

Cold Comfort has been a must-visit Victoria pit stop for many years, serving up  locally made ice cream made with organic, unique and delicious ingredients. Their ice cream donut sandwich is a classic treat that you cannot miss!

Thank you so much for providing great treats to the city, as well as showing CFUV fantastic support by donating to our Funding Drive!

coldcomfort (2)

Third Space UVic

Third Space is governed by a feminist collective, driven by volunteer participation, that provides a strong feminist voice on the UVic campus.
They are a creative, collaborative, community space that you can get involved with too!

We’re appreciative to have an awesome feminist space on campus, and for the support during our Funding Drive!

Oak Bay Bicycles

Oak Bay Bicycles is a family run bike shop with stores in Victoria and Westshore which has been in operation since 1934!

They’ve been big time supporters of our Funding Drive campaign for the past couple of years and we’re so stoked to have their support again! Big thanks!

Image result for oak bay bikes


Phillips Brewing Co.

Whether their sponsoring local events or hosting their annual Benefit Brew, Phillips Brewing has shown real leadership in the community!

We’re stoked that they’ve put out a donation jar at their brewery, check it out the next time you’re filling up your growler!

Image result for phillips brewing


Cinecenta are amazing neighbours to have – staff members are frequenters of this awesome theatre!! Not to mention the killer coffee served at Munchie Bar…

Thanks for the continued Funding Drive love!


Logan’s Pub

Local music venues or infinitely important. We’ve put on so many successful shows at Logan’s Pub, thanks to the support and flexibility of the  lovely staff/management!

We’re proud that Logan’s is showing us even more support at this time of year.

Image result for logan's pub

Habit Coffee

Habit continues to be a model of excellence in the Victoria community! Not only do they brew awesome coffee, they do so in a sustainable and creative way!

Shout out to Habit for the support and for the excellent Americanos!

Image result for habit coffee

10 Acres – Bistro + Kitchen + Commons + Farm

10 Acres is a truly supportive local business on the island; in addition to be delicious, the food served at 10 Acres was grown right here on Vancouver Island.

We’re always stoked to partner with rad local businesses, thanks for extending your support to us as well!

Image result for 10 acres victoria

The Malahat Review

The Malahat Review is among Canada’s leading literary journals. It’s awesome to have them right here on campus!

They’re no strangers to CFUV; their latest issue featured poetry by two hosts of CFUV’s own Native Waves Radio. Big thank you for supporting our Funding Drive campaign!

Image result for malahat review

John’s Place

 As a staple of the Victoria eatery scene for closet to three decades, John’s Place needs almost no introduction. The food and awesome staff make those morning lineups MORE than worth it!

We’re pumped on having their support again this year during Funding Drive!

john's place

Intrepid Theatre

Intrepid Theatre has been the friendly host of many CFUV & affiliated events. Having an all-ages space has allowed Victoria’s music community to remain inclusive.

Thanks to Intrepid for standing up for Victoria’s music scene and for supporting us during Funding Drive!

Image result for intrepid theatre

Pacific Opera Victoria

Pacific Opera has always been a fantastic arts venue for Victoria, providing amazing theatre and music.

Thank you so much for everything including donating to Funding Drive!

pacific opera

Garden of Eden

Thanks Garden of Eden, for keeping Victoria exciting, and being a helpful partner in our Funding Drive!


Little Shop of Strange

This cute little shop always has the coolest knickknacks around, and we can’t thank them enough for teaming up with CFUV for Funding Drive!



Theatre Inconnu

This little theatre is a great place in Fernwood Village for some amazing theatre, and we’re so thankful that they helped us out this year with Funding Drive!


Shatterbox Coffee

Providing delicious, affordable coffee and great atmosphere, Shatterbox has been an amazing Funding Drive partner!



Victoria Symphony

Thank you so much Vic Symphony, for the amazing music as well as supporting our Funding Drive!


Ditch Records

One of the best places on the island to buy that ever elusive CD or vinyl, we’re so happy Ditch Records has been a partner with us for Funding Drive!


Butchart Gardens

A beautiful landmark of Victoria, we cannot thank the amazing Butchart Gardens enough for partnering with us this funding drive!


Cavity Curiosity Shop

Cavity Curiosity shop is an awesome hidden gem in downtown Victoria.

Thanks for being an awesome partner with us!


Oaklands Sunset Market

Whatever you need, Oaklands Sunset Market probably has.

Thank you so much for partnering with us this Funding Drive!


Zap! Copy

Our favourite neighbours Zap! Copy have all your printing needs on campus figured out.

Thanks for being a partner again this year Zap!


Secretly Group

Thanks Secretly Group, for being an awesome record label that supports local music, and being a partner this Funding Drive!


A Man A Plan A Canal Promotions

A Man A Plan A Canal promotions is a great supporter of college radio, and we can’t thank them enough for partnering with us for Funding Drive!


The Beehive Wool Shop

The Beehive has all your knitting needs covered.

Thanks so much for supplying never-ending yarn, and being a Funding Drive partner!


Smoking Lily

An awesome local store in downtown Vic, Smoking Lily has cute clothes and other handcrafted goods for any Victoria resident!

Thank you so much for supporting us this year!


The Vorpal Gnome

This seriously cool store has everything from Dungeons and Dragons, to other awesome memorabilia.

Thanks for being an awesome partner Vorpal Gnome!

vorpal gnome

Gary Cassettes

Gary Cassettes has always showcased amazing local talent, and we can’t thank them enough.

Also, thanks so much for partnering with us for Funding Drive!


Royal Mountain Records

Independent record labels are hugely important to indie artists, and Royal Mountain Records has been an awesome supporter for independent music!

Thank you for being a friend to CFUV and our Funding Drive!


Victoria Jazz Fest

The Vic Jazz Fest has brought the amazing jazz music to the island every year and we can’t thank them enough for it!

Thank you also for being a Funding Drive friend and partner!


Victoria Art Gallery

Nowhere else in Victoria can you find a greater collection of fantastic art.

Thank you so much for supporting CFUV and showcasing so much art to the island!


Thrill Jockey Records

Amazing artists from an amazing label, Thrill Jockey has been supporting artists since 1992.

Thank you for being an awesome Funding Drive partner!



Once again, thank you so much to everyone for being a funding drive partner!

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