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CFUV @ VFF 2019: 3 Faces

Director Jafar Panahi is now eight years into the 20 year travel ban imposed on him by the Iranian government, after he was accused of creating propaganda against his country’s regime. In spite of the legal risks, Panahi has continued to make films since his arrest, and while he is unable to leave Iran, his films have reached the rest of the world, garnering much praise for their ability to provide an illuminating look into the socio-political nuances of life in Iran.

3 Faces, his latest film, focuses on the lives of three actresses, who all tackle different challenges as female artists in Iranian society. Every actor in the film plays a version of their real-life selves. Panahi serves the director-friend of actress Behnaz Jafari, as the two of them travel to a rural mountain town in search of a girl who has sent them a cryptic video as a plea for help. This film constructs visually stunning scenes of life in a small Iranian village, while also tackling complex themes of women’s creative agency within traditional, oppressive environments.

Come out and see 3 Faces! It will be screening on Sunday February 3rd, 9:15pm at Capitol 6. Tickets can be purchased online at

-Amy Anderson

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