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  1. Randal says: February 28, 2019

    How do we get playlist from well – like now! 0400-0500

  2. J says: November 14, 2017

    Hello everyone. I post my playlists here every week enjoy 😉

  3. Andrew says: November 12, 2017

    What is playing right now??? It’s 5:39

  4. Anthony says: February 27, 2017

    Hi! Great show. Which artist performs the first two tracks you played this hour? I remember you saying it as I was listening (I think) but this stream now has a commercial playing over where I believe you said it.

    • J says: November 14, 2017

      Im not sure but you can check here.

    • jro says: January 14, 2018

      uhmm, just checked i don’t seem to have a playlist logged on that date.

      Either someone was filling in or i forgot my phone.

  5. Kayla says: November 13, 2016

    Who are you playing right now? It’s 12 after 5pm. I need to know!? Soo goood


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