Zap Copy will be donating double what you give to the Action Index today at 6PM! Thanks to Zap Copy for supporting CFUV! About Zap Copy: Zap Copy is a student-run digital print shop and retail store open to students and the general public alike. They are dedicated to improving the student experience by offering […]

Thank you Smoking Lily for your support and for doubling any donation given to the Fiji Mermaid today! About Smoking Lily: Smoking Lily strives to make clothing that you will wear over and over again, that is earth friendly and affordable Their creations are sewn and silk-screened in-house by a handful of talented women who […]

Thank you Oak Bay Bikes for supporting CFUV! They will also be doubling your donation to the Last Crossing today! About Oak Bay Bikes: Oak Bay Bikes is committed to every cyclist and firmly believe it’s the rich diversity of riders that make cycling so fantastic. Their no cost, no obligation demo on demand program, […]

Donate $25 or more to the Outsider’s Void for a high quality scanned custom hand drawn portrait from any game, movie, or TV show character emailed to you as well as a Friends Card!Donate online at or call or text us 250-721-8700!

The Canadian College of Performing Arts will be doubling your donations made to In the Mood today at 6PM! Thank you for supporting CFUV! About the Canadian College of Performing Arts: The Canadian College of Performing Arts is extremely proud to be a unique training institution offering the highest level of performing arts instruction with […]

Thanks to Vinyl Envy for supporting CFUV! Vinyl Envy will double any donation you make to Basement Closet Sessions today, so stay tuned for that! About Vinyl Envy: Vinyl Envy is an independent vinyl record store that sells both new and used vinyl records, CDs and cassette releases and have an all-ages live music venue […]

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