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Host: Cole S.

Description: A music program that features the best of bass music from around Victoria, BC, the west coast and the world. The program covers the strong underground electronic music scene in this region, and will be representative of the culture surrounding this community. The scope of the program will cover will extend from heavier bass music to chill electronic, as well as hip hop and dub music.

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  • Thursday - 3:00 pm - 4:00 pm


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    1. Vincent Pungente says: April 11, 2019

      Love the mix today, any chance on getting the name of the track played around 230? 🙂

      • programdirector says: April 11, 2019

        The track listing for the program is as follows – I hope this helps! Thanks for listening 🙂
        Artist – Track
        Distant Roots & Kercha – Sekkle
        Depth – Discern
        Duckem – Matter
        Weston ft. Ill Chill – Ritual
        Mystic State – Hemisphere
        Jafu & B9 – Delvin
        Ourman – Rule
        3voice – Arrive (Wosui Remix)
        Kyrist – Do You Have the Chime?
        Congi & Geode – Flow One
        Trashbat – Groove Pulse
        Geode – Peppermint
        Feonix – Put Some Honey In My Coffee
        Weston – Judgement
        Depth – ID (dub)
        Jafu – Capturing the Storm
        Kercha – Only Truth
        Weston ft. Ill Chill – Motion
        Versa, Rowl – Theory Of One
        Kercha – Ghosts Don’t Exist
        Jafu & B9 – Zephyr Night
        FLO – Timewalk
        Glume & Phossa – Tusk
        Rygby – The Hothouse Age
        Ourman – Shab
        Den – Slippery


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