Megawatt Hour (MWh)

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  • Electronic
  • Experimental

Host: Jeff

Description: Megawatt Hour is a music program that focuses on new and diverse electronic & experimental music. This program is for anyone interested in finding the boundaries of electronic music and the artists that push them.

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  • Monday - 4:00 pm - 5:00 pm


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    1. Mark Hjorthoy says: November 11, 2018

      Good day Jeff, I would love to submit my electroacoustic pieces to you to see if you would like to include them in your radio show, but I have no way of contacting you directly. If you could please get back to me and let me know how I can get my pieces to you, I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you,

      • Jef says: November 21, 2018

        Hey Mark, you can send your music to and our music department will pass it along to me. I’m excited to hear it! Thanks for getting in touch.



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