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Description: Transmissions from Side 7 is an atmospheric music program that focuses on electronic, ambient, orchestral, and alternative music. Side 7 hopes to bring unknown artists to light, host Arcade is eager

to showcase music by queer and POC artists as well as unique, experimental musical techniques and styles. A particular focus will be on music with a “retro-futuristic” feel; music that is easily at home in a Ridley Scott film, with harsh green lighting, black computer monitors, or sweeping battles in outer space.

Listen to a STREAM of last week’s program:


  • Tuesday - 7:00 am - 9:00 am


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    1. patrick says: December 4, 2018

      Hi there I heard a song
      on December 4 at about 7:58 it was electronic and maybe by Marie den or something and the title was something like bleed out? im not sure but it was great!
      If you have the song I would love to listen to it 🙂

      • Audio says: December 4, 2018

        Hey Patrick,

        The song was Burn Me by Marie Davidson, off of her album Working Class Woman. Thank you so much for listening 🙂

    2. Kaitlin says: December 5, 2018

      What is the electro song is right after Tribe called Red? So good!

      • Audio says: December 5, 2018

        Hey Kaitlyn,

        It was ‘Beyond the Bounds feat. K Á R Y Y N – Eshericks Remix’ off the ‘Zone of the Enders reMIX Edition’ album. Thanks so much for listening.


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